Game Face!

My game face is a pouty face. This is because I do not play a game. Situations are not to be won or lost, bud dodged. I want to avoid conflict and work. I am not suggesting that I am some girlie hippie type, making crowns of leaves by the sidelines. I am saying that I am some girlie hippie type, napping under the bleachers. (Is it true that sometimes people must clean under bleachers and so crunch them together to get to the floors, thus crushing nappers-underneath? Let us hope that it is not so!)

This is why my sister's carry-on is filled with things like toothpaste, shampoo, phone cards and saline, while mine has a toothbrush and floss only. I have relied on her from the beginning to supply all sundries. I have napped under the acorn tree at the very time she was stocking for sour times! Alas, I will not survive the winter without her bounty!

Anyhow, I have been wearing my leggings the wrong way. Shocking I know, unless you know me. You are supposed to wear your leggings bunched up under your knees, people. Not extended to their full length. My sister looked at my lame not-bunched-up leggings and observed that "maybe it's a Fargo thing." I am ashamed that I am not a fashionista, as I once thought, but a sallow fashion-fool, slugging my way boarishly through the H&M, holding my outfits together with spit and earwax! I am glad that I have friends and family with the fortitude to notice the things that I don't and change the things I can't. Now I feel like a cool dude with bunchy leggings. Like Mia!

The humanity of this moment, with everything in mind, including Princess Diana, is too much for me.

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