Plane Trip Part II: The Entertainment

The entertainment began the moment I sat down.
"What did the monkey say when he got his tail caught in the lawn mower?"
(There is no response here because the man behind me is talking to a child on the phone and to no one within the airplane, but there is a pause that does not take as long as reading this.)
"It won't be long now!"
Because the monkey's tail got shorter!

More importantly, my brother delivered pizza to this guy during the Airsho. The fella was pointing his fingers at the sky, shooting at the planes. "Pow," he said, "Pow pow!" He looked over at my brother: "You know, they're out there killing guys like you!" He said it good-naturedly, not accusingly or empathetically. My brother is un-sarcastically in love with this man. "He's freaking nuts." We saw this man on the way to the airport. He was in front of Happy Joe's pizza doing what I like to call the I'm Onna Walk Dance. This dance looks an awful lot like the Robot, but it is performed by an 80 year old in an I'm a Veteran hat who probably doesn't know what the Robot is, and does it better than anyone I've seen anyway, so if he invents it by doing it in the parking lot of a pizza store, it would be unfair to call it the Robot, because he invented it. I think that I like him, too.

Back on the flight, the woman to my right is reading quietly aloud to herself. She has what looks like a circulationy sock on her left leg. She is related to everyone within two meters of her. She speaks pleasantly to all of them. There is a woman with a baby in her lap directly in front of me. This baby is her granddaughter! It is a happy baby! To my left is a woman who has her elbow stuck halfway into my seat. This is the first time this has happened to me and I'm at a loss. I don't know what I will do. When I leave the flight, my left arm will be sore. I end up having very harsh feelings towards her. Apologies.

I want to tell you that when the flight was over, the woman with the circulationy sock pulled her sock down and her left leg with the sock was bigger than her right leg! It was more shapely. Maybe only half of her body is Hot, and the other half is Not. I did not check this theory because I only thought of it just now and I never checked.

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