I've had this computer for a few months, and it's taken a while to realize that I can destroy it by downloading massive amounts of unnecessary and suspect things (cosas). It started with itunes (check out In Our Time and Monocle), moved to TV, and now I'm in the software phase.

Not necessarily a bad thing. Are you familiar with distributed computing projects? You know that cool SETI screen saver that analyzes space noise? Users download the SETI program, and when their computers are inactive, the program processes information that SETI has gathered.. All of these computers working independently and amalgamating their results creates a valuable resource for all kinds of data crunching endeavors. This is great for someone like me who doesn't have money or time, but wants to do something helpful for other people.

I've downloaded BOINC, a clearinghouse program for several of these projects, including the SETI one. Your computer can participate in several projects at one time and BOINC will help you tweak how you participate. I chose the World Community Grid project, which works on many different data sets for many different reasons. I'll blog later about how all of this turns out.

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