Comedy, race, epilepsy

I want to point out the story about a workplace discrimination suit against the Secret Service. Some race-joke Emails that once made the rounds in that agency were recently released to the press (don't know under what circumstances) because of the case.

Keeping in mind the existence of many funny jokes about race, I think that these jokes are distasteful, unsuccessful and unfunny. Although, you could see the one on the third page as a critique on racism, highlighting one of the differences between ugly rhetoric and honest dialog. But maybe I'm Pollyanna-ing it a little.

My question is about the nature of the jokes. Without a doubt, they're unprofessional, but I've talked to people who've laughed at them. Are these jokes funny to you? Here's the link again.

This may or may not be related depending on where you stand. Some people hacked an epilepsy forum, flooding it with links to images created to cause epileptic episodes. The story (on io9) is interesting, but the awesome strikes in the comments below. Some posters think that hacking the site is slightly comic, while others are disgusted by the thought. Link again.

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