Media Intake: Sex and More Sex

A media-intake roundup.

Second Half of the Wire Season Two

Complex and yummy. Except for the pretense that slaves enjoy sex. Hard to be sexually assertive when raped is your life. I would start ranting here about the normalization of sexual violence, but if you've not boarded the jet, it's left without you and why don't we all just calm down and watch Eastern Promises? It's not going to solve anything but at least we'll feel better about ourselves.

Speaking of sex, why does everyone want to do it with drunken man-whores? Anyone hear of whiskey dick? How about AIDS? Ring a bell?

The Number 23

This noir consists largely of Jim Carrey sex scenes? And I watched it to the end? Is anyone surprised? It's okay that you're shaking your head. I'm shaking my head, too. With shame. But I was doing the hard sudoku while watching...


I know this font's arial, but gotta try, man. My older sister walked in and out while I was watching, groaning about how terribly boring I am. The movie does verge on boring at times, and some of the graphic designers interviewed are kinda pretentious (I'm guilty of pretentiousness, too. I'm editing this post right now for pretention), but I felt like I was getting a primer on modern graphic design. One issue the documentary addressed is "easy" design versus "good design." It's great fun to think about. There's no sex *at all* in this movie, which is very surprising after the whole Jim Carrey thing.

Tila Tequila

Anyone hear of AIDS? Ring a bell?

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