Chef Geoff's

I went to a place called Chef Geoff's and had "Day Boat Scallops with Plantain Tostones and Black Bean, Tomatillo and Roasted Tomato Salsas." Delicious! This is the first time I've ever eaten Plaintains and I approve. They are definitely the kind of thing that I would like to learn to cook with. The appetizers were "Sweet Fried Calamari with Spicy Aioli" and "Mediterranean Mezze Trio w/ Fresh Pita. The calamari was good. The mezze sounds pretty standard, but durned if the tapenade and tabbouli weren't the best I've had.


Watch BSG episode "Faith" hulu/scifi
Allow me to geek out, please. Okay, Battlestar Galactica (spoilers for the episode called Faith): I would be happier if Gaeta was bitter and unhappy for the rest of his life than if he died, but not if he stops being the principled and dignified person he's proven himself to be. I wish that Starbuck's wife Anders had (A) put his hand in the Cylon water interface thingy and (B) told everyone he was a Cylon. Why can't he just come clean? He's on a shipful of Cylons! They'll protect him! I don't get the whole Sharon storyline (save us, Athena! You are not as big of a doormat as we are), but gosh, isn't Trisha Helfer a great actor? That Six killing Redshirt (wasn't wearing a red shirt, but seriously, didn't we all know that she was going to die as soon as she stepped in the raptor and we asked "who the hell is that? I've never seen her before in my life!" that she was on the shortlist for DEMISE?) storyline was great. My older sister gave the show a two minute chance before asking, "those two [Sixes] are going to make out now, aren't they?" before walking off, a little worse for taste-wear.


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