My Favorite Podcasts

Here are some of my favorite podcasts:

  • In Our Time
    In Our Time covers the arts, sciences, humanities and history. Each week, Melvin Bragg sits down for an hour with a panel of academic experts and gets to work stuffing our minds with the important details of one specific subject. The episodes cover everything from Brave New World to the construction of St. Petersburg to the history of heat. Cool, right?

  • Monocle
    I mentioned this excellent podcast in my last post. Monocle seems to be a magazine for international travelers who want to be in the know. I like it because it tells me things I don't normally hear on the news and that I don't read in newspaper. Monocle addresses global trends, businesses, arts and news. I've said this before, but Monocle makes me feel more like a well-informed global citizen. As a warning, some Monocle podcasts are way too advertisementy. But you can tell which ones they are by reading their titles.

  • Starship Sofa
    It's not for everybody, but the Sofa is definitely my favorite, most-listened-to podcast. It's a science fiction magazine. I've fallen in love with the adorable, humble, funny, appreciative host, Tony C. Smith. I listen only to the Aural Delights segment, which features sci-fi poetry, flash fiction (short-short-short stories), fact articles, reviews, analysis and great fiction. I likes it, my precious.

  • Delicious TV Veg
    This is a VIDEO podcast from the show that airs on PBS. It's basically a cooking show for vegetarians. The host, Toni Fiore, often emphasizes Italian cooking (SHE'S Italian!). I like it because Fiore gives us great details on the methodology of cooking and stresses that all recipes are flexible and that substitutions are par for the course.

  • 20 Minute Yoga Sessions from
    Link posts to free section. You need a reader or subscription service for the free stuff. The podcast name is self-explanatory. Stick the audio on your mp3 player, print out the accompanying pose guides, and have fun. It's quality stuff. The audio is very detailed.
This was really fun to write. Through this post, I've discovered that people with names that sound like "tony" are good podcast hosts. What are your favorite podcasts?

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