Some of My Favorite Video Sites

In honor of the new PBS video portal (Yay!), I've made a list of some of my favorite video websites.

  • PBS Video Portal
    Yay, PBS.
  • Annenberg Media's
    I've only recently started using this site. I've been looking at documentaries on American writers and literary movements. I love the information this site provides.
    Hulu covers everything on FOX and NBC, canceled shows and a lot of cable shows. It's free and features a cool way to queue your favorite shows and watch them at your ease.
    Lost and Scrubs.
    Fora features educational lectures and talks about politics and current events, from local bookstores the Aspen Ideas Festival. Fora's moved into a beta sort of stage and has become less interactive, but it's still great to check in on.
  • Monocle
    I don't hear people talk about this magazine, but I believe that it's really informative. There are various documentary features on the website that make me feel like a global citizen. Monocle covers travel, politics, current events, business and design.
Are there any video sites that you're especially fond of? I'm going to follow this up with some of my favorite podcasts. Thanks and goodbye.

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