Different Meanings of Police Party

1. A party (duh) where only music by the band The Police is played.
-"That Police Party got kinda repetitive."

2. A party held by the band Police.
-"Gawd, I know Sting now."
(Yeah, bet you feel bad about making fun of him before. BTW, what did you think of the Lynch Dune?)

3. An unbranded party attended by police officers who know each other.
-"Hey Dave, you realize this is a police party, right?"
-"Whatever, Cheri, I hate that fucking band and everything it stands for. Put on some more nickelback!"
-"Dave, you can eat a dick."
-"I don't even know why we are friends! We have such different musical tastes."
-"Yes, but we share a passion for the law."
-"That's true, and even despite everything, I love you dearly in a platonic way."
-"That's because we are partners and the strong bond created by that relationship is undeniable. There is ample evidence of this on television."
-"That is true. I really admire your perspective, Cheri. "
-"Thanks, Dave. No more nickelback right now, okay?"
-"Okay, but only because I love and respect you."

4. A party where everyone dresses like a police officer.
-"Ow ow oooooow! Go yotes!"
(This is a comment that few people might understand. This person needs to gain perspective.)

5. A party that some police officers attend. Everyone is awed by them.
-"Oh my god Becky, you did not tell me that this was going to be a .... police party!"
-"Fuck yeah, Sue. You know I know how to do it."
-"With style, obviously."
-"Yes, dove, with style."

6. A party where the police come to bust some fucking heads.
-"Gotta go. I can see this is going to turn into a police party and I have a warrant out for my arrest due to an incident several years ago with a garden slug and someone's mouth."
-"That's gross. You're gross. Get out."
(It doesn't really matter what the crime was in this situation, it still represents a moral hard place.)

7. A party where the police come to say, "quiet down, please."
-"Hello. This is the police. Quiet down please."
-"What, the band? Is this a fucking police party! That's off the hook!"

8. A sarcastic way of talking about unprofessional police officers behaving unprofessionally all at the same time.
-"Got the boot?"
-"Got the boot."
-"Let's go hit somebody with it."

9. A way that one police officer might talk about work to her husband.
-"And then we all sat around and did paperwork. It was a real big police party."

10. A combination of any of the above.
-"I am having too much fun. Someone's gotta... put me down!"

11. Anything else that you want to call a police party is a police party. I recommend that everyone start calling all parties police parties. It just sounds cooler.

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