Katee Sackhoff/24

24 is a day old slab of Velveeta festering in an absurdist Uber-Conservative desert where the answer to every question is either a bullet or (less obtrusively) a blow to the face. How many more times can Jack Bauer slam a person against a wall before he starts gratuitously tongue-kissing them, rubbing his erection against their thighs (I recently read an article about public groping in Washington City Paper. Jack Bauer seems like the man for the job) while softly groaning "Wanna see a dead body?" When will emergencies stop being referred to as situations? When will somebody (anybody!) say goodbye before ending a phone call?

Then there's Katee Sackhoff. It's cool to see her in a role where a smile is not some sort of rictus formation of irony, repression or lies. It's awesome, because I think that Starbuck and That Lady From Nip/Tuck both had this angry and virile femininity, like the fury of their groins could only be manifested in crazy. Like (even though Starbuck was an amazing, fully formed character) competence and self-confidence and bold sexuality can't positively coexist in a woman. This Dana lady reminds me of an empowered Joan Harris in Mad Men. In fact, Christina Hendricks' powerful femininity has also been used as some kind of hystrionic malformation in her own science fiction role (Saffron from Firefly). Anyway, props to you Katee Sackhoff, queen of strange and violent universes. I hope your head doesn't explode.

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