Georgetown Sunday

This Sunday I walked through beautiful Rock Creek Park to Georgetown. There was a big party going on in a house we passed. There was a lot (click click click the link) of security and we thought we saw the top of Charlie Rose's head. We didn't stay to investigate, because that involved standing and staring like a coupla over-stimulated deviants. Wilted by the humidity and that last stretch of hill (we saw a guy running up it!), we were pleased to find a jug of free lemonade sitting outside of proper topper (what a good way to get people in the store!). They had some awesome dresses and wallets. Alas, I could afford none of it. But it's fun to look, right?

After that, we had lunch at Cafe Bonaparte (we found out too late that they have call-ahead seating. So I'm letting you know now). Everyone who helped us was professional and smiled like they wanted to be there and they wanted to help us, which means a lot. The atmosphere was fun and upbeat, my cappuccino was delicious and the crepes were totally worth the long wait for a table. If you go, get crepes! They were amazing. I had the Montmarte (mushrooms and cheese) which was savory, filling and wholesome. The flavor was so big, but not overwhelming. For dessert we had Last Tango. I'm pretty bad with dessert (I'm really sensitive to sugar), so I'm glad I shared. It was delicious too, with strawberries and nutella.

As a side note, I haven't had a meal composed entirely of crepes since Square in Boise. Is Square gone now? How about Pair? How about Pi and all those crazy themed restaurants that popped up around '04?

Later, at work, I was eating an apple that had turned kind of green when a supervisor asked how I liked it. I told him that the texture was kind of weird. "That's because it's mellowed," he said. What a lovely word for over-ripe.


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