Recently I saw two young girls suspected of shoplifting confronted by the store security officer (a charming man). One ran (screaming) out the front door prompted by her accomplice's yell: "Run, [girl's name], run!" When the security guard attempted to grab the second girl, her dignified response as she shook herself from the man's grasp: "Unhand me!" It was unexpected and it made me laugh and laugh. She got away also.

This whole situation makes me think of a yet-to-be-written young adult novel about two bosom friends growing up in a city where the divisions of class and race threatens the stasis of the family of a bookish girl(there's a divorce but don't worry, she figures out it's for the good of everyone), while the flighty one's family is kinda broken and drug-addled already, so there's nothing for it.

Bonds are formed that will last a lifetime between the girl with the bad home life who is flighty and mischievous and the other one who is quiet and bookish. When they get together, the bookish one learns valuable lessons in how to be more of an overt presence in her own life, while the other one's plotline fizzles out.

The bookish one remembers with bittersweet emotion that summer of record-breaking heat and natural disasters. The flighty one has a tearful reunion with her grandmother. The bookish one becomes a writer. The flighty one becomes addicted to drugs and gets run over by a car.It's a book not just about growing up in Columbia Heights, but in the US of 2010, when not just these two kids, but all of us learned a little bit about growing up. Target.

Photo from Mr. T in DC's Flickr Photostream

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