Now We Use More Colons

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Conor J Dillon's article in The Millions, "Colonoscopy," is a good read for anyone who likes to observe punctuation (dork!). The claim: Colon use has skyrocketed because of the internet.  The article says that the internet's preference for brevity (think facebook and twitter updates) makes the colon more of a necessity and that colon usage has gone viral. While I agree that colons work well when you want to be concise, I think that these extra colons are happening because formal writing is becoming more colloquial. We're using more jargon and speaking-style writing, which I think makes writing easier to understand and speaking more impactful. The article's a great read, especially the list of new colon usages overlooked by the style guides. Check out those jumper colons, dawg.  Link

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