People as comedic props, annotated

The First Few of Which That* Come to Mind
I was carrying a really long ladder at work last night. I was feeling disgustingly sick, which made me space out. I kept turning around to talk to people only to hit others with my really long ladder, which made me think of people as comedic props. Since I am now lying in bed with paint fume poisoning, I thought that posting a list of people as comedic props might be a good thing to do. Some of the people are dogs. I don't mean it about the children. Also: It's a little dark sometimes.

1. Two men carrying a very long ladder.**
2. Anybody on or around any ladder
3. A woman in a bonnet pushing a baby basket.1,2,3
4. A robust man in a top hat lighting a cigar.
5. A lady with a poodle or small yapping dog on a long leash. The leash usually trips somebody up.
6. A woman in a feather boa or fur necklet smoking a cigarette on a holder.
7. A man performing a song or dance for money.£ 
8. A stiff and irritated man or woman, turned about as a protagonist chases a small animal or child.
9. People chasing a small animal or a small child
10. A small animal or small child that is being chased, often self-confident or scared. asterisk*
11. Anyone not dressed as they should be
12. A man or woman of any sort in a jail cell.
13. Two men carrying a large pane of glass.
14. A grizzly man walking, slouched, hands stuffed in pockets.

      *Whew! Had to look up the usage there. Don't want to appear [something unsavory]. Thanks, Grammar Girl!
      **Most of these involve turning about quite a bit, but in an hilarious sort of way
      1. The baby basket may or may not have a baby in it.
      2. The woman may be of any age, though she is, at times, a man.
      3. She is probably wearing something blue.
      ♥ If the filmmaker is adventurous, it is two people who don't feel like being body-locked just then.
      ♣ Though once an avid smoker, I have never smoked a cigarette on a holder. Seems an irritating and dangerous endeavor.
      £ Or with a monkey!
      asterisk* Yes, self-confident or scared, but rarely both and never neither and never ever anything else because we all know that neither small children nor animals have any feelings at all and probably contain filthy hands. Terrible, dastardly things. Stab you in the back or yap at you rather than look at you.

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