Point and Line

The first time I was exposed to visual poetry that moved me, it was through Thalia Field. Before reading Point and Line, I hadn't previously experienced visual poetry that I identified with and I actually thought the genre was pretty corny. I think that it's because sometimes visual poetry is introduced as a simplified concept (for example, a poem about stairs is shaped like stairs or a poem about a car is shaped like a car) that would scare off a reader looking behind the shapes for meanings beyond the literal.

Field makes the shape of her poetry create additional meaning within the work, enriching the reading experience aesthetically and conceptually. Point and Line  and Incarnate: Story Material (another of Field's books) make me think of people like Alan Moore, who've created works that are most successful in an unusual format of the author's own choosing.

I noticed that Point and Line was up on Google Books and I wanted to link to it here.


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